I’m extremely grateful for all your time and trust in my content. I hope
that you enjoyed watching the videos as much as I enjoyed filming
them! As a member of my inner circle of students I want you to get
extra value whenever possible.

Occasionally, I send special offers to my students including FREE
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I hate spam myself and NEVER send more than 1 email per week.
However, when I do, I pack it with value and make sure that you are
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something I NEVER offer outside of this exclusive group. I value
loyalty and truly appreciate those who keep following my content.
Those offers usually last for maximum of 24 hours and that’s why it’s
important that you stay connected.

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to see updates from my crazy adventures around the world, including
zip lining above the crowd of 200,000 people at Rock in Rio,
exploring 76 (and counting) countries, hanging out with my high
performer friends. I also share valuable personal development content
under some of the pictures.

Finally, many people have asked me about coaching. If this is
something that you are interested in, please bear in mind that I take
on-board a VERY limited number of clients (mostly executives,

Also, my consulting/coaching may not be affordable for
person with regular income (starting at 400 EUR/hour depending on
the package), but if you are interested please send an email to:
[email protected] and let’s see if it’s the right fit.
Once again, it was amazing to have you in the course and have an
epic week!

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